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    Garage Door Maintenance

    Depend on our garage door maintenance in Gloucester, Ontario, to stop having problems with either parts or the opener. We provide annual, preventive services to keep the door running smoothly and without problems. Do you know the effects of daily use and the weather conditions on your overhead door? The springs lose tension after each cycle. Rollers and other steel parts get corroded. The lubricants dry out. Tracks get filthy. Opener wires might get damaged. A lot can happen in a year and such problems reflect on the door’s movement. It might make noise or won’t open right. In this case, you can also trust our garage door troubleshooting and diagnosis before we fix your door.Garage Door Maintenance Gloucester

    We are experts in residential garage door maintenance

    Garage Door Repair Gloucester is the perfect candidate for the maintenance of your doors because our technicians are updated and qualified to service any residential door. From overhead to carriage doors made of any material and size, we can service routinely and also fix garage door models by all major brands. The goal of our maintenance service is to do what it takes in order to make the garage door totally reliable and safe during its performance.

    In order to do that, our techs check all components thoroughly. Garage door inspection is the first and perhaps one of the most important phases of our service because it reveals hidden problems or weaknesses. You can rest assured that we take care of any issue. From tightening the fasteners to adjusting the springs, we take care of any part in order to ensure the door is balanced and in perfect working order. Our techs take good care of all opener parts, test the reverse system, align the sensors, and oil the chain.

    We also eliminate noises with regularly maintenance lubrication. Steel parts must be greased in order to slide smoothly. Oils keep them running without making noise and protect them from corrosion. From adjustments to repairs and lubrication, we do anything required during our Gloucester garage door maintenance in order to keep the door strong and resistant for one more year. Do call us if you need preventive service in Gloucester.

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